Weston Withstands Hurricane Irma

By Stacey Bomser

Hurricane Irma paved a path of destruction from the Keys through Marco Island and Naples and on up the coast. While Weston was spared the brunt of her fury, the storm did leave its mark on our community, knocking down trees and scattering debris, not to mention rattling nerves.

“As a community, Weston generally made it through Hurricane Irma with minimal damage to landscaping and no major structural damage to any home or building that we are aware of,” stated Mayor Daniel J. Stermer. “Weston, and all of the surrounding community, were very fortunate that Irma changed course before her arrival and it spared us from what could have been a devastating event.”

The mayor went on to say how pleased he was with how Weston residents and officials responded before, during and after the storm. “Weston was and remains fully prepared to respond to storms such as Irma and appreciates all of the precautions taken by our residents and businesses in advance of the storm – preparedness is the key. Operationally, Weston’s emergency plan and personnel performed wonderfully and are the best professionals we could ask for when a storm like Irma visits.”

Hurricane season runs through November 30th, so it is imperative that everyone remain vigilant. If you used your supplies, or found you were lacking some emergency items, now is the time to restock. As is the case every time we enter the National Hurricane Center Track Forecast Cone, people go into panic mode and the store shelves are quickly emptied of everything from bottled water to batteries.

The Mayor is now reiterating his message to residents and businesses to be Weston Ready. “Take storm preparation as seriously as we do in city government,” urges Mayor Stermer. “Hurricane preparedness is key and residents must remember the first 72 is up to you. This means you need supplies on-hand to be self-sufficient for your entire family for a minimum of three days (72 hours). You can find preparedness checklists just about anywhere, including the City’s website.”

Following the storm, the City of Weston website was a great source for information on everything from debris clean-up to park openings. Communication is key, especially during an emergency. That’s why the City encourages all residents to register for E-Notifications by going to www.westonfl.org/Events/EmailSubscriptions.aspx. If on Twitter, follow the City @CityofWeston and add @WestonFLAlert. This account is strictly for notifications of an urgent nature and was used extensively during Hurricane Irma to pass along critical information to Weston residents. In addition, everyone should have their phone registered with CodeRED for emergency only notifications.

For more hurricane preparedness tips compiled by the City of Weston, including a link to register for CodeRED, go to www.westonfl.org/Residents/Hurricane/Default.aspx.