Cypress Bay Club Celebrates Habitat for Humanity Day

By Lauren Pabian, student writer

The Cypress Bay High School Habitat for Humanity Club filled the school’s courtyard with games, decorations and music for its first annual Habitat for Humanity Day.

Senior and Community Outreach Officer Mitchell Hunsucker was appointed to coordinate this event. He said junior and Habitat for Humanity President Matthew Liebman approached him with the idea to create a program to raise awareness for the club. It was Hunsucker’s idea to hold a Habitat for Humanity Day.
“This event was so important to hold not only for our club, but for students at the Bay so they could learn how they can make a difference in the community,” Hunsucker said. “Joining Habitat gives students the opportunity to do great things and we intended on reaching out to students who were unaware of our club and what we do.”

The courtyard was decorated with blue and green streamers, and featured a photo wall and games like Jenga and a bean bag toss.

“I wanted to put out Jenga since the whole idea of the game is to successfully build which is what we do in Habitat,” Hunsucker said. “Even though there were so many great things going on throughout the day, to me, the most successful part was the display that my dad and I built. We put up a bunch of pictures, so students can see what we do at Habitat for Humanity and they were also able to decorate it with their handprints; everyone just had so much fun and the wall turned out looking so great.”

Liebman said he was eager to hold this event since he wanted to bring more attention and publicity to the club. He mainly utilizes social media platforms such as Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter to promote the club.

“We try to promote ourselves as much as we can by thinking of the best ways we could reach students to show them what Habitat is about and all the amazing reasons they should join the club,” Liebman said. “Social media has been our best way of promoting so far, but I think holding Habitat Day was an amazing way of recruiting new members since we are able to speak with everyone face-to-face.”

After weeks of hard work and preparation, Hunsucker said he was very happy with how everything turned out. Habitat ended up recruiting many members.

“It was such a great experience to run and plan an amazing event like this,” Hunsucker said. “It showed students that they can make a huge difference in the community; I hope next year’s is even bigger and better so even more students can become involved.”

Lauren Pabian is a junior at Cypress Bay High School. She is the News Copy Editor of The Circuit, the school’s student newspaper.

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